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We work on private orders. How does it work?

We are also focused on working with private orders. Our experienced producers are able to create tracks of almost any genre. We are working on creating tracks from scratch, mixing and mastering. And we are also the only ones on the market who are finalizing your tracks!

In order to order a track or a remix, you need to contact us. There are two forms of communication.

  1. Write to us directly by email

  2. Go to the SOUND page, check out the prices and select the service.

After we agree on a deal, the work proceed as follows.

  1. You will discuss all the nuances of the work together with our professional music producers.

  2. We work on 100% prepayment, so after payment we will get to work.

If it is necessary to make any changes, our producers will do it.

We are always open to new acquaintances and cooperation. Write to us if you have any questions and our team will be happy to try to answer them.


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